Killing our children

So is it just me or do you think we have maybe instead of taking a forward step gone a bit sideways?  Sure we have to progress and move with the times and I suppose each generation fears whats to come for the next because things are obviously going to be different..  But really there are some things that just don’t make sense and no one that can seems to step in.

For instance the age of legal drinking.  It used to be 21 – “the coming of age” – when it was thought that the person had developed enough to take on all manner of responsibilities including alcohol and driving.  Then for what remains to be seen as questionable ethics the age was lowered to reflect the brighter society we had become.

We now have a staggering death toll for young drivers alone (we are not even touching on the horrific loss of life by “party goers, general having a night out getting a “king hit” being left for dead or in some cases family say worse”) where drink is involved, we have a “new age” all to common occurrence of “glassing” whereby you have too much to drink, someone looks at you sideways or you take exception to just about anything, you can smash your glass or anyone elses that’s near you and stick it in that persons face.!

I think no matter what age you are this cannot be acceptable. In days gone by, if you took exception or had a boot full, they used to go a round or two with fists which was bad enough but to actually make a weapon which will disfigure and mame people and really have no regard whatever for the consequences of your actions.

Is this progress?

Many people (mostly families or friends of victims) are calling -upon deaf ears it seems- for change. When you are given a priveledge – no matter what or from whom and you don’t respect it usually there are consequences.

I am in no way “bagging” young drivers or rights, it is just simply a matter of facts. People, our people are dying… and it is completely needless.

The questionable priveledge of drinking at a young age – and there are actual medical studies that can show why it is very dangerous indeed to mix testosterone and alchohol in the brain cells of persons under the age of 18 – clearly nightclub curfews that have had to be generated by law and glassing and road tolls because we also extended the priveledge to driving a vehicle (who was it that described a vehicle as the best lethal weapon you can have?) combine the two, alchohol and a deadly weapon and results are devastating not only for the familes and friends involved but for us as an enlightened society.

Have we failed a whole generation?

When this debate is brought up, inevitably people under the age of 21 will protest all sorts of discrimination and rights and how it will just make them do more underage drinking etc etc, Does not stop the fact that chances are someone they know will DIE.. for this very reason.

So what can you do?  Let “them” know it is not ok to let our children die.. It is estimated that at least 100 actual human lives a year could be saved.

To date the Bligh Government rejected recommendations to “change lockout times or wind back trading hours” but chose to action a spend of 4.2 million dollars to add Police numbers in “deadly precincts” and generated new “make it mandatory to offer free water at pubs and clubs & new “banning powers” for troublemakers. Also better supervised taxi zones.

Your money..   Hope you feel safer now….and much more I hope you don’t lose anyone you love.

Mrs Bligh said they will give this “new strategy a 2 year opportunity – if it doesnt reduce the violence we will revisit the recommendations” at a likely 100 more deaths a year. WHY?

by Kate canHear

Footnote: Kate is one of those people you just know as a child always asked the “why” questions.  A passion for knowledge (what so and so is wearing and who is sleeping with who – not on Kate radar at all) and an ability to share with everyone, even those who don’t particularly want to at times. We are pleased to have Kates tenacity on board your local B Heard magazine.



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