Headlice again

LICE LICE LICE. Itchy heads and signs of movement on hair AGAIN.. Icchhhh –  Truly fed up with the merry go round cycle, I captured a few to see how long they could live off a head and  25 HOURS later two of them were still moving around in the bottle…! So how then is the new thinking relevant – don’t wash linen etc.  if it falls off a little ones head in the morning then they lay down 12 hours later it would just go back home..!!!

I went on a mission to see what we could find and why these tiny wingless invincible insects seems to be on the rise in the modern age.   The theories dating way back, in the olden days we would dip combs, shave heads or dowse little peoples hair and heads in kerosene – boil and wash all linen to kill the little blighters. Modern thinking suggests no need to wash linen and you can simply suffocate the insects by literally using things like mayonnaise or cheap conditioner on dry hair for 10 minutes – then combing through with a nit comb to remove as many eggs and dead bodies as you can and repeat for the next fewdays.

It appears without facts you will be caught in the endless cycle of “why are they back again?” – so we need to understand what and how they live so you can beat them.   Whilst I am all for protecting eco systems – the ones going on in family members hair I am declaring battle against. FACTS.

Head lice only live on Human heads – they have no preference whatever for age, race, colour, length or cleanliness so any human head is just fine for them.

Lice are spread EASILY by direct contact either from head, hair, clothing or personal belongings.

Lice CAN live up to 25 hours off a human head. (proven by my own study – depending on age of nymph, if it just fed etc.)

Lice are NOT killed by insect sprays – (yes I did while they were in the bottle of course and not on anyones head)

There are basically 5 stages of a louse life from egg to aprox 37 days later.

Head LICE life cycle
Head LICE life cycle

Without understanding these stages, your battle is futile.

Now understand no matter what option for treatment you choose if an egg remains on the hair shaft, literally any day within the next 7 days a louse can emerge and start the cycle all over again. If a live louse is on any  surface (hat, comb, bed etc) the hair can be reinfested. So choices Wash / boil and vacuum everything in sight. Shave heads – maybe ok if your little ones are adventurous or your daughter or you for that matter have an attractive shaped head.

story by Jenny

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