History never repeats

Once upon a long time ago, there were people who cared about each other. Then there was interference from the surrounding worlds and life as they knew it began to change.  These were a peace loving people with few problems, as they allowed others to enter their world they brought with them different ideas.  Some of these ideas were wonderful and welcoming while others were based on power and getting their way, if the newcomers did not get their way they reverted to violence and hate.

The peacelovers, thought this was not going to happen and they could persuade the newcomers to see the good in living life their way. The newcomers thought that because the peace lovers were weak in spirit they could take everything without much resistance.

Since recorded history this has been the way of the “people world”  From the Romano and Germanic cultures  around 113BC.

And to all our clever intelligent evolution, history still repeats itself.  Different versions and flavours but over and over the peacelovers take the same position.  But when brute force enters and force simply kills the peacelovers whats left.

So we start all over again lessons of the past never learnt.

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