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Here with you can be your host Capelli King for just one more edition of do you know what, GAMMA Gossip! I’m in this week just a little early to cover our main super fight now which is Movie v Denton Thunder!

Unlike other editions, i am covering all the fights inside the order of hype/popularity and i’ll give attention to just fights among 2 top 1000 p4p fighters only, so lets get started doing last weeks main fight reviews!


Jorge Cruz v Kuiskaaja Rajantakaa

This fight led to spectacular fashion! “The existing boy” Jorge Cruz has shown that he’s not all set to go away despite his age and ended his 3rd from 4 fights using a TKO/KO, getting his revenge over Kuiskaaja which beat him with a decision last summer. Kuiskaaja may be on the inadequate run lately and also this has moved him out of the top echelons, at least temporarily, whereas Jorge is certainly going places and will get his big chance against Kenichi Shirahama.

Kenichi Shirahama v Jt Colossus

Kenichi got a warm here you are at GAMMA last weekend when Jt Colossus did what he does best having an early “Huge punch combo”. Kenichi had his moments on the floor from the 1st round, but was unable to have the submission. Jt only landed 6 strikes within the whole fight and just one head punch! But that has been enough to acquire this fight finished. Jt Colossus has earned himself an enormous top contender fight against recent signing Simon Williams.

Fidel Duberry v Kaely Cullen

Fidel showed last week why he’s considered the most effective fighters on earth at the moment whilst totally dominated a lot heavier Kaely Cullen. The fact is that Fidel took advantage of that “extra” weight and landed 32 standing strikes to only 5 of his opponent. Some how Kaely survived before 2nd with multiple cuts, but nothing would definitely save him from getting to another because doctor necessary to can be found in to operate on the nasty damage completed to his face. Fidel has increased to #6 p4p now and the whole world is trying to get them on his or her card for May. Most likely his next fight is going to be up against the winner of the Jt Colossus vs Simon Williams fight.


Peter Cabreros v Forrest Gump

Headlining this weekends event is Peter Cabreros v Forrest Gump. Both has a different matter altogether. Forrest is recovering from a horrible recent run having a conquer promising up-comer Rick James, which ended in an end decision. Forrest desires to revive the design which triggered the conquer GAMMA legend and up to date NFC 170lbs champion Alan Bundy. Peter however is probably wondering why he is not in the title fight after losing his super fight two weeks ago to Vadim Vadokowich. A victory for Peter could bring him back into contention for that title, based on how are you affected within the 170lbs title fight between Vladik Fedotov and Renan St Juste.

Raz Matazz v Usain Watts

It is like were discussing Raz Matazz weekly (actually we usually are), nevertheless the 33y old generally seems to not disappear completely. After losing 3 back to back, his last 2 fights are already impressive wins over Fred Ettish and upcoming fighter Hammer Longbird. He even went about getting a TKO in his last fight which can be something he’s got dirty for some time. On the other hand Usain is on a slump. After losing to Keith Green within a title fight, when the rope was humiliated in a 1st round submission as a result of strikes against Frank Sinatra. Usain’s last win was really over Raz Matazz as well as be their 3rd fight together. Their last fight was obviously a Submission (RNC) then one that Raz wish to avoid on this occasion.

It really is challenging to put a winner for this one, though the momentum is on Raz’s side for this fight. Both need this fight to be the superior echelons, especially Usain which is a borderline top 1000 p4p fighter currently.

John Galt v Denton Thunder (Super Fight, in VERSUS, London)

John Galt is traveling to another side from the ocean to handle facing Denton Thunder. He could be a late option to Danza Kuduro because of this fight and is a definite underdog commencing it. He’ll be taking to the cage a 8-1 recent run and the pride of holding the GAMMA 205lbs title, a title that’s worn by GAMMA and world legends such as Lennon Lewis, Mikhail Yudovich, Degen Gambler as well as the immortal Jeremy Tonal.

John could be the big outsider because of this one but he has nothing to lose and everything to achieve in a combat this type of huge name.

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