Syn Lightweight Championship

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Syn Lightweight Championship 155lbs

Pete Doherty v Tor Nansen

In another rematch from your stacked Syn’ 81 fight card 15-1 Pete Doherty and 14-2 Tor Nansen goes at it again and this time the Champion and challenger end up with the roles reversed. The before which they fought Nansen was the unbeatable champion and Doherty was the challenger. On that night Doherty walked away which has a unanimous decision victory and gave Nansen the 1st decrease of his career, a loss of revenue that he remembers well.

“Doherty used my face as a speed bag the last time we fought, but I’ve been building lot on my small striking ever since then. He’s dangerous as hell, and so i can’t make the identical mistakes I made before.”

Doherty did out strike Nansen inside their last fight but Nansen has worked very challenging to his fully stand up game since and it has improved greatly. Tor Nansen is putting plenty of pressure on himself commencing this fight as they knows that his place in fighting history could be determined by this rematch and just how he handles himself as soon as the last time.

“This is the central fight of my career, and that i consider so that it is an exilerating one.”

Tor Nansen intends on having an exciting fight, good to hear. Pete Doherty’s manager Lord Rayden doesn’t feel that improved stand up will help Nansen any though as they indicates the Doherty is quite good against strikers.

“Robert Wiltsie is widely regarded as being one of many top if not the very best striker in the syn Lightweight division. Robert is an excellent striker and Pete completely shut him down and dominated him. Pete was able to force his gameplan take him down whenever he wants land some strikes and control the career. I do think that showed that Pete Doherty might be in that room with anyone.”

It really is correct that Wiltsie is a better striker than Tor Nansen but everyone knows that fully stand up fighting isn’t how Nansen pays the bills, he’s a submission fighter and improved fully stand up will most likely just serve as something of the distraction until he you can get where he wants the fight. Pete Doherty seems sure this fight will most likely you should be a re run in the 4g iphone.

“I am aware I’m destined to be a difficult fight for anyone in this game…. With Tor I wanna dominate him everywhere in this fight thats transpire. We are confident that basically follow my gameplan I will beat him up. I am that I can take him down whenever and beat the sh*t from him there.”

Both fighters have a medical history of being grapplers with a combined 21 submission victories with shod and non-shod so we might view a grapplefest here or they could have too much respect for the others submission game and steer clear of coming to the ground altogether. This is simply part II with this rivalry between gadget Worlds best Lightweights and according to Doherty the fans have been looking forward to it.

“Folks have ask me when am I gonna fight Tor Nansen again they wish to see me against him and now its finally gonna happen.”

It’s finally going to happen indeed and it’s for Pete Doherty’s Syn Lightweight Championship. This can be the best sequel since The Godfather part II or in addition to this Terminater 2. Doherty….. Nansen….. the cage awaits you.

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